What’s in store for Moodlers at the West Coast MoodleMoot? @SloanConsortium


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The ET4Online Symposium (which is a combination of Sloan-C, Merlot and Moodle events) in San Jose is coming up this July and has published a full list of it’s Moodle-focused presentations online at the Sloan Consortium website.  There seem to be a lot of great Moodle presentations for all levels including,

This doesn’t include the full slate and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that there are non-Moodle but eLearning focused sessions throughout the same conference!

Looks to be a great opportunity to learn about Moodle and many of the other education-changing products, ideas and businesses emerging today.

ET4Online Symposium takes place July 20-23, 2010 in San Jose.  Registration is now open and is still at it’s early bird price which is 495 dollars to attend in person but they’re also offering a virtual attendance discounted registration of only 150 dollars per person.


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