Jason Hando was kind enough to provide a bit more information about Moodle User Groups and the new www.MoodleUserGroups.org site.

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Moodle User Groups are formal or informal gatherings of Moodlers around the world.  Local “chapters” have regular meetings where Moodle admins and users can simply get together, trouble shoot, learn from one another and socialize.  Think of it as the local incarnation of the world wide Moodle community.

Jason is part of the Sydney Moodle User Group (SMUG) and is part of the team that created MoodleUserGroups.org, a destination for MUGs around the world to post meetings, share ideas and learn about Moodle.  Here’s what Jason says about the site and his initiatives:

Sydney Moodle User Group – free monthly tech meetup in Sydney, Australia. Promoted through the www.moodleusergroups.org website.
Moodle User Groups (www.moodleusergroups.org) – we want to encourage MUGs all around the world, hence the domain name not specific to Australia. We also want to fill the void left by moodle.org, for example, extension reviews (http://www.moodleusergroups.org/extension-reviews.html). we also would like to publish reports or videos from MUGs.
MoodleCamp – a BarCamp style unconference. Starting one in Sydney but hoping to help people start them all around the world. Registrations for Sydney MoodleCamp: http://www.moodlecamp.org

My favorite resource on the MUGs site is the extension review area (http://www.moodleusergroups.org/extension-reviews.html).  This provides users a quick and easy way to check out what other people think about various popular (or not-so-popular) Moodle extensions.  Check out this great review of the Moodle “Theme Switcher”.

Interested in starting your own MUG or MoodleCamp?  www.MoodleUserGroups.org is a great place to start.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    I would like to start a Moodle support group in Massachusetts, USA. Your link to contact about starting a users group on the MUG website is not working.
    I am an educator who is working on developing a high school curriculum use Moodle.


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