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University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) and The Learning Edge Europe form strategic partnership

Integrating Moodle and EQUELLA to improve control and ownership of institutional content

London, 3rd June 2010: ULCC and The Learning Edge Europe today announce a partnership that will enable educational institutions across the United Kingdom to access a hosted EQUELLA and Moodle environment.

EQUELLA is a digital repository for learning objects, research and copyrighted materials. Other uses include streamed content, exam papers, media collections and theses.

Benefits of this partnership include a highly resilient service, a scalable solution, pricing predictability and access to EQUELLA and Moodle expertise for further education, learning education authorities and higher education clients. EQUELLA enables users to search, create and manage content, providing one system to suit the needs of their Teaching and Learning, Research and Library departments. It has been implemented by universities, community colleges, and school systems worldwide. Current European clients include the University of Liege (Belgium), Universidad de Sevilla (Spain), Coventry University,Aberdeen College, the University of Nottingham and King’s College London (UDENTE, Universal Dental E-learning).

“The Learning Edge Europe is pleased to partner with ULCC to ensure institutions benefit from a cost-effective, reliable and securely hosted version of EQUELLA and Moodle,” said Bob Cupitt, Chief Executive Officer, The Learning Edge Europe. “The hosted solution offered by ULCC will enable educators and students to experience the power of both solutions via an integrated EQUELLA/Moodle environment including provisioning and integration with their institution’s in-house applications.”

ULCC has offered a Hosted Moodle service for the past five years to the education and skills sector, including a growing number of FE colleges; and most recently HE institutions like Exeter and Glyndwr University. This service has expanded quickly and is now supporting over 120 institutions, helping over 400,000 learners from the HE, FE, ACL and WBL sector perform over 4.5million Moodle activities (viewing, uploading and editing content) per month.

“Our e-Learning Service has expanded significantly over the last year, not only in numbers but also in the scope of the services we offer, using a range of applications alongside Moodle to offer a holistic and integrated e-learning solution” said Mick Kahn, Head of Application Services at ULCC. “We are already experienced in providing repositories for digital preservation projects for institutions like the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and ULCC was keen to link services and after researching the options available, EQUELLA offered the right approach for learning objects and seamless integration with Moodle”.

The partnership between EQUELLA and ULCC will expand the possibilities of learning environments for both the educators and the students, creating stronger opportunities for their future digital education. By combining the Virtual Learning Environment and the Repository, institutions have more control and ownership of their valuable content while tightly integrating with popular VLEs.

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