Please note that this list is subjective, it’s not meant to be comprehensive or complete and there are a good many Twitterers all contributing to Moodle news not on this list (just watch the post titles). With the entire Moodle Twitter community things would be much more boring around here.

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Follow the whole list at this link:

Twitter introduced a new feature last month which recommends users of like interest to you,  Deeper on that page though is “suggestions for you” based on categories.  I won’t get into the fact that I’m disappointed in general that there is NO education category; which obviously leaves no room for top Moodlers.  I thought Moodlers were the only ones that used Twitter! (jk)  What I will do is share my own list of 10 or more Moodlers that are well worth a follow on Twitter.

Through them I’ve been challenged, have learned about great new Moodle initiatives and opportunities and have continued to learn.

So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Miguel Guhlin, @mguhlin: blogging, moderating, sharing all Moodle.  His Twitter stream is an aggregate of the great information he shares on a daily basis all about Moodle.  Check out or for more information.
  2. Julian Ridden, @moodleman: his playpen site is probably one of my most favorite play areas on the web [] and he’s a wealth of resources for what’s what in the Moodle development roadmap.  More at
  3. Helen Foster, @moodlehelen: Helen is the Community Manager, someone with her finger on the pulse of Moodle versions, extensions, modules and development.  More at
  4. Martin Dougiamas, @moodler: Founder and lead developer.  Martin’s both accessible and professional.  If you want to see his body of work and contributions, the best site is probably
  5. Moodlerooms, @moodlerooms: One of the largest, if not the largest Moodle Partners worldwide.  Moodlerooms is a great source for the cutting edge of Partner services and products [].
  6. Mary Cooch, @moodlefairy: Mary provides great tutorials and first looks at many of the new features; and that’s just in her spare time.  Check out her school’s Moodle at and her
  7. MoodleFacts, @moodlefacts: This is a dutch Moodle news source which publishes a good many Moodle posts of interest.  Plug the site into Google Translate and you’ll see what I mean [].
  8. Mel Benson, @moodlerific: Mel’s experience in a large district in the US is a great source of information, posts and all things Moodle.  Check out her blog at
  9. The MoodleMonkey, @moodlemonkey: The Monkey is Leeds City College‘s official voice (but to the benefit of all others it’s a nice aggregate of the quality information, posts and developing initiatives of Lewis Carr and Sukhwant Lota (@lewiscarr and @sukhwantlota, respectively)
  10. Jon Fila, @moodleshare: Announcing the newest courses to hit the shared course site,, this account is a great resource for the newest courses available for download.
  11. Tomaz Lasic, @edumoodle and @lasic: the Human behind the great posts at Tomaz is a great source of anecdotal Moodle successes.  As a user himself in educational settings, he’s recently joined Moodle HQ to help showcase/promote exemplary Moodle use in schools.  Edumoodle is the main voice of and the demonstrations of solid pedagogy at Moodle Demo sites.

There are loads of other worthy Moodlers to follow on Twitter (and you should seek them out).  If you’re interested in contributing to the ongoing conversation, just include #Moodle in your Moodle focused posts and you’re sure to attract some attention from the community.

Additionally there are several official Moodle Twitter accounts for Security, Modules, Themes and others, more information is available at Helen Foster’s blog:

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  1. «With the entire Moodle Twitter community things would be much more boring around here.»

    Please explain. :=)

    Great list. Thanks for the post!

  2. Without the community, what would I write about and who would be the audience? That’s what I mean by things would be boring around here (here =


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