Part three of our Special Summer Series on free hosting services.

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Next up, a k-12 exclusive hosting service, SqoolTools.  According to the site, “Sqool” is actually an acronym (not just a homophone) for “Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning”.

The business offers additional edtech consulting services [] and sites and several tiers of paid Moodle hosting above their free, basic plan.  Check out their Youtube channel [] or even their hosted video site,  All in all they’ve created a resource-rich collection of educational tools and resources.

More information is available at

Description: 1 course at the basic level.  Supported by edtech consultants with a resource-rich tool kit.
Ads?: yes (but minimal)
3rd party plug-ins: yes (audio recording only, other 3rd party modules with paid contract)
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: self serve is free, $10 per ticket for help desk
Business plan: Freemium model
Limits: yes, must be k12
Basic Plan: 1 course, 30 students, 250MB

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