Quickly Create a Database Activity


The creators of Moodle XML Converter (a utility for creating Moodle questions banks using the XML format) have a new, quick presentation which makes the case for using the Database Activity and provides a few tips on creating it more quickly by using CSV files with the database fields already propagated.  The example used in the presentation is a multiple language guide.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Link: Using Database instead of the Glossary

In my opinion, the difficult part of creating Database activities is in the setup (multiple screens, unlimited customization options and sometimes confusing presets and display options).  But if you find a preset to use that’s already made (or easily customizable) the Database activity can be hugely beneficial for your course and easily filled with great information quickly using a CSV import as shown/described in the slideshow.

Check it out:

Note that there are a few typos and errors in the presentation, but the tip doesn’t lose it’s relevance.