Interesting thread developing at that will culminate with the sharing of resources, videos and testimonials contributed only since yesterday about the qualities and benefits of Moodle (which directly will showcase the shear generosity and selflessness of the Moodle community taking their personal time to create a quick resource which illustrates their Moodle love).

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A Moodle Admin/Teacher, Drew Mortensen has solicited the communities help in order kick off a Moodle integration event.  Kind of like a Moodle-barn raising!

In about thirty-six hours from now, on Monday [10/25/10] night from 6pm to 8pm EST, I will be leading six school districts in a kick-off event to start their use of Moodle. As an effort to demonstrate the power and generosity of the Moodle Community, I would like to show the teachers and tech directors at our meeting what can happen in less than two days time. Please consider making a short recording (audio/video) of yourself talking briefly about your own experiences with Moodle. I’m not looking for how-to videos, I’m looking for personal stories… How/Why is the Moodle community meaningful to you? [emphasis added]

There are already a few submissions, including a nice quick video about Mary Cooch’s (@Moodlefairy) experience with Moodle at her own institution and the self-evident importance of the forums for support.  Below is Mary’s video embedded and here’s a quick link to her own blog where it’s also posted with additional commentary:

Check out the original thread and contribute your own testimonial here:

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