Lewis Carr (http://lewiscarr.co.uk/) just posted that he’s creating a new theme to share with the Moodle community (which will be released to coincide with the Moodle Moot UK 2010.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Recently I’ve been working flat out on a new Moodle theme.  It’s heavily AJAX driven and very web 2.0.

My aim is to create one of the most beautiful and most user-friendly themes available to the Moodle Community.

The theme currently has smooth drop-down menus, customisable colour palettes, real-time font size changer, column selectors and much more including a dynamic dashboard style panel.

Although heavily javascript dependent the theme degrades well with javascript disabled.

Most certainly Lewis will replicate the great theme customization tool available on the Leeds Community College (http://moodle.parklane.ac.uk/, shown below–which is one of the best Moodle themes on the web).  It certainly will make a splash in the Moodle community when it’s released.


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