Adding to it’s availability on both iPad and iPhone/iPod, MoodleTouch developers are now focusing on bringing their Mobile Moodle app to the soon to be released Windows 7 Phone platform.

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According to the MoodleTouch blog [],

We are pleased to announce that we started working on  mTouch for Windows Phone 7 (WP7). Below you can see screen shots of mTouch for WP7 working, yes that is true  it is working, on the Windows Phone Emulator.

We are at early stages of porting mTouch to WP7 so we can not give an exact release date, but we hope that to be sometime in early days of 2011.

It’s not known yet whether this will facilitate a similar capability list compared to the iOS releases or if this app will be free in an upcoming Windows Phone app marketplace. We’ll keep in touch with Ali Ozgur and the mTouch team for details as they become available.

Kudos to the mTouch team for tackling multiple platforms and working to support mTouch on a diverse lineup of handhelds.

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