#MoodleMoot Japan Starts Feb 13th


The Second National Moodle-LMS Teachers and Developers Conference in Japan.
Sponsored by Future University-Hakodate Centre for Meta Learning (CML).
Cost: Free

This Moot in Japan runs February 13th and 14th at the Future University (http://www.fun.ac.jp/).  Martin Dougiamas will provide a “virtual” keynote and there are several strands available to attendees.  This is not a virtual conference, however.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The call for presentations is currently open (until February 8th): http://vle.c.fun.ac.jp/moot2010/mod/data/view.php?id=169 (you must first register for the Moodle in order to view many of the resources).

One of the coolest features of this Moot is the Moodle Showcase and Genius Bar.  The showcase is a venue in which participants and attendees can show off their Moodle courses in an easy, digital way (similar to a poster session).  The Moodle Genius bar, similar to the Apple Genius Bar is where attendees can go to get informal help, ask questions, and find answers for their Moodle queries.

What is the ‘Moodle Genius Bar’?
The Moodle Genius Bar is a venue to which people with any questions about Moodle can go for enlightenment.
Who can be a Moodle Genius?
Please volunteer here to be a Moodle Genius if you believe that will be able to answer attendees’ Moodle questions: you can specify your field of Moodle expertise.

Check out this cool event (if you’re in the area): http://vle.c.fun.ac.jp/moot2010

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