@MoodleDan announces the #TMMoodle details (July 3rd @ Heythrop College)


Dan Humpherson (@moodledan) shot us a quick message to let us know that the TeachMeetMoodle even in the UK has locked in a location and date.

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The grassroots event is schedule for July 3rd, 2010 at Heythrop College in Kensington.  Already over two dozen individuals have signed up on the page to attend.

The event planning has been very open and collaborative, you can catch all of the great details (including the rules) at http://teachmeetmoodle.pbworks.com/.

Here are a few of the prospective (short) presentations:

  • Parental Engagement
  • Moodle and the School Council
  • Moodle Best Practice – share my best course – explain why/how?
  • Moodleb2ikiocs – “integrating” other stuff with Moodle
  • 10 steps to a Moodle Makeover – venturing down the Resource and Activites drop down menu!
  • Moodle Forum – work smarter not harder
  • Online Group Dynamics
  • Let there be clouds – A look at the free live services plugin for Moodle


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