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A frequent complaint we hear from teaching staff when starting Moodle is courses are too text heavy. However by using the topic title sections and the label resource you can add just about any visual content to your course that you might want.
topic example
The example above shows exactly the kind of thing I mean. Using these labels built into every Moodle course you can insert all kinds of images or videos, and with a bit of work with the HTML editor (or a little bit of coding knowledge) you can create some nice looking courses very easily. I’ve created a quick gallery of a few nice examples from our schools here.
To edit the title section of any of your courses all you need to do is turn editing on for the course and click the edit icon a the top of the relevant section (this is the icon of the hand holding a pen). From here you can enter and format text, and using the add image button from the toolbar at the top you can insert an image. The instructions below take you through the steps in this process:
  1. Turn editing on for your course and click the edit button for the topic title you want
  2. Click the insert image button in the text editing toolbar (middle of the bottom row of text editing tools)
  3. The window that pops up allows you to insert and modify an image. The first job is to upload it to your course. On the bottom half of the screen you can see all your course files, and below that a browse button. Click this and select the image you want to upload.
  4. Once uploaded select the image from the list of course files.
  5. Now, enter an alternative text for the image (top of the window), and modify any of the other parameters you wish (things like size, border, etc)
  6. Click the ‘ok’ button and you will be returned to the main editor with your image now there. Add any other text you want to see in your title and press save.
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