There’s a cool new feature in Moodle 2.0 that I had previously overlooked and is not listed on the Moodle 2.0 release notes [].  Thanks to “Moodle 2.0 First Look” by Mary Cooch (which I’m currently reading) I was introduced to this one.

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In previous Moodle releases, site filters allow the embedding of content, auto-linking of terms and resource names, and more advanced math notation, but are set at the site level.  So turning ‘Database Auto-linking’ on for example would institute the change site-wide (potentially causing some strife for users that do not want glossary items auto-linking in quizzes or lessons.

To fix this, in Moodle 2.0, Filters have been moved to the course level and editing teachers can easily control which filters are on or off.  To access this, click “Settings” when logged in.

Below you’ll see the various options that are available on a standard install (as seen at

As you may recall, even if filters are turned on (at the course level in 2.0 or at the site level in previous versions) there is a manual override for text by using the “prevent auto-linking” button in the text editor (this is available with Moodle 2.0’s new html editor as well)

For more information check out

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