The University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada ( has a great collection of resources for Moodle available through their site  While the site specifically focuses on the nuances of the UVIC Moodle, it also provides segmented/organized resources for students and teachers and highlights some great Moodle processes like customizing myMoodle (

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The FAQ is a particularly good resource:

Check out the site at least to see how they’ve organized their help files and documents for Moodle .  The easy navigation is a great example of how to make learning and using Moodle easy (and this is just the support docs!).

Additionally, it’s worth to check out their Moodle ( for peek at their nice theme, their Moodle bar implementation and all the custom themes they’ve developed to help faculty differentiate their courses from one another.  Pretty slick use of allowing course themes.

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  1. Thanks for the attention! We based our default theme on Lewis Carr’s great Mootools theme. We have been working hard all summer on this and we have even better documentation available:

    We will be moth balling soon and concentrating on providing tutorial videos and detailed documentation on every aspect of Moodle.


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