Alja Sulčič (blogging at; @ialja) posted recently on her awesome presentation at the 2010 Slovenian MoodleMoot (check out the blog post at  The presentation covers the future of Moodle on mobiles and Alja includes her own perspective on the innovations and changes that will occur in years to come as mobile devices advance and Moodle develops to work in expanded mobile capacities.  She’s published a great paper available at Scribd and has also posted two great Youtube videos of the entire [20 minute] session.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

She suggests that future use of mobile Moodle should include:

  • Geocaching of information and entries by students
  • The use of bar-codes to provide “secret” URLs and assessments to students
  • utilize the power of their phones (gyroscopic, tactile, and/or motion detection) to engage Moodle objects, etc.

It my opinion that her predictions about Mobile Moodle are spot on.  Great presentation and resources, well worth the time to view them.

Here’s part 1 of the video (

Part 2 of the video (


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