Gone Moodle: UMASS Amherst, and Notre Dame and Dighton-Rehoboth High Schools


Here are a few schools in the news this week for their usage of Moodle in the classroom:

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  • UMASS-Amherst, USA [blog post/press release]: UMass Amherst, Massachusetts flagship public university, has decided to move from Blackboard/WebCT to Moodle in the coming year.  The move will be completed in January 2013 (due to the current volume of online courses and users [23,000+ users] accessing their legacy LMS) according to the letter to faculty.  For more information about their decision process and timeline visit http://blogs.umass.edu/futurelms/.
  • Notre Dame High School, UK [Guardian UK article]: this short article and video highlights the use of mobile devices and Moodle to enable to-do lists, assignment reminders, podcasting and so much more.  The video is well worth the watch.  Check out their school site and thoughts on using student’s own mobiles for academic purposes at: http://www.notredame-high.org.uk/
  • Coyle and Cassidy, MA, USA [article]: teachers at this US high school utilize Moodle and other technologies to make educational resources for students available around the clock.  Learn more about their Moodle at http://www.coylecassidy.com/

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