MuppetMasterUK (@muppetmasteruk) aka Mark Rollins has a cool tutorial available for staff development at

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The site allows guest enrollment with a course enrollment key (Staffdev) and showcases many helpful tutorials for beginning teachers.

Below is an image of the welcome screen once you’ve entered the Moodle for Teachers self-paced tutorial:

The tutorial covers the following topics in great detail,

  1. Basic Moodle
  2. Adding a Resource
  3. Adding an Activity
  4. Examples of Resources
  5. Basic Moodle Quiz
  6. Advanced Moodle
  7. Video Tutorial
  8. Lesson Plans

The tutorials provide step by step instruction using screen shots and helpful text (embedded through the use of  The video collection has some great step by step tutorials and great screen casts as well.

All in all, it’s a wonderful resource you could point beginning Moodlers at instead of trying to create a resource yourself!

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