Here’s a quick video that highlights how to embed a video uploaded to Moodle into a forum.  It was created by Bill Hamlin (@bhamlin or billhamlin08 on Youtube) and highlights usage on the Western Oregon University Moodle [].

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In the example Bill is uploading a .MOV file.

Note that for this to work the multimedia filter must be enabled on your site (if you’re running 1.9.x or previous or must be enabled at the course level for those who might be running Moodle 2.0) and the extension of the video you want to embed must be set to “yes”.  This is the Multimedia filter configuration page

Administration Block => Modules => Filters => enable Multimedia filters

Then ensure that all extensions for videos/files you may upload to display are set to “yes” by accessing “Multimedia Plugins” which is available once the Multimedia Filter has been enabled (see below).

Bill Hamlin, video creator, also has a good many Moodle videos on his Youtube channel, check them all out at

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  1. A few tips I posted elsewhere on this site….

    In my experience, Youtube and Moodle (with filter turned on) are the easiest way to show video on 1.9. Bulk upload and no size/quality limits (for me) make this a breeze. Also, Youtube has an “unlisted” privacy option that allows you to limit the viewing to only your class. Just a click, to change from the “public” default setting.

    Watch out when you embed a URL that Youtube has *two* different URLs to every video you upload. One is good with the Moodle filter and one is *not*.
    – RIGHT:
    – WRONG:… Moodle filter ignores this.
    If you get the second version (usually after clicking on the Share button), you should go to your Uploaded Videos page and click on the Edit button of a video to grab a good URL.

    Another minor thing to watch is that some browsers do not highlight a URL link automatically when you paste it into a Moodle forum or other text box. You have to highlight and manually link the Youtube URL to make it embed properly.


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