Discovered this old thread (from circa 2005) which was discussing the first round of tshirts to be created for the Moodle online store:  That’s the place where you can get your Moodle gear and show off your impeccable taste and style.  I’ve had my eye on the over-sized mug which should help me down the 5 cups of coffee I drink daily (don’t worry, it’s mostly decaf).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Purchasing gear from the Cafepress/Moodle site contributes a small portion (a few dollars) of each item directly to development.  So spend wisely!

The forum showcases some very creative Moodle tshirts and designs, many of which could be very popular shirts if manufactured/sold in the Moodle store and a few that are a little risqué and ahead of their time.  On of my favorites is actually a partial slogan:  “Don’t Bb selfish”; clever.

Kudos to all the designers for sharing their designs. It’d be great to see another Moodle clothing/gear design competition in the works to update their fall line.  Perhaps once Moodle 2.0 is out.  See all the designs and all of the great design contributors at the thread here:

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