Recent news reports would certainly make you think so, it seems that when “teacher of the year” is mentioned in news lately, the mention that the teachers are active users of Moodle soon follows.   Two recent articles (one from Montana, the other from Oklahoma) have both listed nominees for regional/state-wide Teacher of the Year Awards as Moodle users.  Certainly their other classroom practices and global contributions play a huge role.  But Moodle seems to be a key ingredient for tying at least some of their materials together in an comprehensive, organized delivery system for students.

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Think of the greatest teacher you know today; are they Moodling?  Would they be even better if they were?

  • Oklahoma Teacher of the Year finalist Kristi Lovett [link] – Kristi credits her online curriculum created in Moodle as a contributing factor to her nomination.
  • Montana Teacher of the Year Paul Andersen [link] – Paul created numerous lessons and vodcasts which were uploaded to Youtube [] and have reached a global audience of learners, he also created an online curriculum using Moodle.

Congratulations to both Kristi on her nomination and Paul for his selection as MT Teacher of the Year (learn more about Paul at or @paulandersen).


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