Yesterday I highlighted how to customize your login page by adding some HTML/Markup to the “Instructions” area of your login page [link].  One thing that had left me hanging though, is how to truly add an embedded video or slideshow directly to the login page.  While testing I was copying and pasting in different <object> and <embed> codes from both Youtube and but couldn’t get the videos/presentations to show.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Perplexed I took the my question “can you embed a video on your custom login page?” to the forums and asked it there [link].  I had enabled the multimedia filters (Administration -> Modules -> Filters -> click the eye on “Multimedia Filters”) before I tested as well.  With thanks from some helpful fellow forum members (Mary Cooch and Greg Wathke) I got my answer.  Greg suggested that with the multimedia filters turned on, I actually could already embed the video without any trouble (he was right; just make sure you have enabled Multimedia Filters for the file extension you want to embed, then just create a hyperlink to the file and/or upload it to your Moodle).

That jogged my memory that there actually is a “filter” which is not included in the Filters/Multimedia Filters section which specifically allows for <embed> and <object> tags.  To enable these (which will let you embed content more pervasively on your site, for example, on the login page) go to Administration -> Security -> Site Policies -> check the box for “Allow EMBED and OBJECT tags”

With that enabled, you can easily embed content from any of your favorite 3rd party sites.  This is great for providing quick instructions to students or future users if they will need to navigate some trickiness in the signup process, or if you need to provide more information than fits nicely on the login page.  I think it’s a great way to add some pizazz to the first page many of your users will see upon accessing the Moodle.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what text I embedded,

And a peek at my finished custom login page (check it out at,

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