Collapsed Topics: Eliminates the Scroll of Death in Moodle


Jen Clevette (@jenclevette) created a great video highlighting the Collapsed Topics course format (below) and I just had to give it a try.  It installed no problem (which is saying a lot since my server-side skills are pretty non-existent) and was available without even running notifications on my Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Once installed this is what you can expect (thanks to Jen’s great overview; download and installation information is available below the video),

Links: Youtube Video | Jen’s Post


Installation instructions

(note that these are for 1.9, found in the Readme.txt file included with the installation files):

  1. Copy ‘topcoll’ to /course/format/.
  2. If using a Unix based system, chmod 755 on config.php – I have not tested this but have been told that it needs to be done. [I did not have to do this for my site which is hosted by]
  3. If desired, edit the colours of the topics_collapsed.css – which contains instructions on how to have per theme colors.
  4. To change the arrow graphic you need to replace arrow_up.png and arrow_down.png.  Reuse the graphics  if you want.  Created in Paint.Net.

For more information:

The Moodle mod was created by Gareth Barnard.



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