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Next week (June 23rd – 25th) at Depauw University in Indiana, CLAMP (Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project) will be holding their annual Hack/Doc Fest all focused on improving and working with Moodle.  According to the website,

Many liberal arts schools have adopted the Moodle course management system because of its low financial barriers to entry. However, supporting and contributing to the development of this open-source software project can require significant resources of both time and money. The Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) is an effort by several schools to support a continued and sustainable process for collaborations on Moodle development.

A teaser of a project (a very good one at that) was released already in preparation for the event next week and was covered at MN yesterday (check out the awesome Grader Report enhancement).  According to Bob Puffer, this is just a taste of the enhancements and bug fixes that are a product of this unique group.

CLAMP’s goal is to improve Moodle for liberal arts colleges around the country and to promote it’s use and stability.  A sub-set of the Moodle community, the work and efforts that have come to light through the group seem to be both substantial and high-quality; including their own “distro” specifically for liberal arts colleges which includes a host of extensions and plug-ins valuable to their unique needs.  If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out their website at

This is a free event and limited virtual attendance is possible.

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