It’s back to school week!  We have all the tips and tricks for getting a jump start with Moodle this school term and will be sharing a few of our favorites all this week.

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If anything, give myMoodle a try to prepare for the great improvements that Moodle 2.0 will provide to the user-centered experience.  In the past, the changes between guest access and being logged into a site were minute (a few courses listed in a block and your name listed in the “You are logged in as, Joseph Thibault”).  But with myMoodle the experience can be much, much more personalized.  With Moodle 2.0 the change will be significant to say the least (especially with the new messaging options). (note your Administrator will either have to enable myMoodle or you can provide students a direct link from your course/website by adding /my to the end, e.g.

There are some really great examples of how myMoodle can provide a more personal experience for users (especially with a talented designer making the changes).  But even without any customization, myMoodle offers a great way to provide your students only the information they need while bypassing the generic front page that other visitors see by default.  Here’s a quick video from the University of Victoria showing how to customize the standard myMoodle page:

Here are a couple of great examples of the myMoodle page.  The Leeds City College myMoodle page (more information at Lewis Carr‘s or Sukhwant Lota‘s sites),

And here’s a shot of the German Adelaide School myMoodle page (note that this has Google Apps integrated, available through blocks),

myMoodle might be my new favorite Moodle attribute.  The possibilities for customization and additional content are endless, even when logged in as a student.  It’s just a much simpler way, in my opinion, to make Moodle navigation more efficient for students.  For more ideas check out this (slightly dated, but relevant) myMoodle customization thread at

Certainly both are superior to simply displaying “my courses” to students.

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