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Using Lessons in Moodle : – An Illustrated Guide by Mark J. Rollins

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What a concept, a lesson on lessons.  Yes, I am still new to #Moodle, but I do have a pretty good grasp on how to do everything on a level that I would describe as a above average.  One item that does create me some minor discomfort is the lesson module.  Well, thanks to @muppetmasteruk for writing a nice, clean guide on lessons.  The book is Using Lessons in Moodle – An Illustrated Guide by Mark J. Rollins and it’s available for purchase on Lulu.com (a self-publishing platform) for $9.40 (also available as a digital download for ~$5).

This guide takes you through the basics and gives you some visuals to help illustrate the flow of lessons.  I do think that the hardest part for most of us, when creating lessons is working on the flow.  Mark, aka @muppetmasteruk, sums it up very well.  He reminds us that a lesson is a series of web pages.  He touches on the concept of designing your lesson first before trying to put it in Moodle .  I know we are supposed to be green but it is ok to use paper; design your lesson on paper (be sure to recycle the paper later).

If I could make a wish list for this guide or future guides, I would request information/comments concerning parts of modules that don’t always work.  For example, I have yet to make Powerpoint slideshow work in the lesson module, (that’s a hint if someone wants to address this issue).  Another request would be more information about Blooms Taxonomy and Moodle and how Moodle helps.

Visit Mark J. Rollins’ blog site: http://muppetmasteruk.blogspot.com/ to read about this guide, learn about Moodle and to see his newest title Moodle for Teachers: an Illustrated Guide, $23.53 at Lulu. Using Lessons in Moodle : – An Illustrated Guide is good, give it a read if you’re interested in springing the 10 bucks.  Proceeds go towards the MuppetmasterUK producing more great/free resources such as http://e-teachuk.co.uk/.  You can purchase it online.  Let me know what you think about the guide, you can contact me at @moodlenator or comment below.

Note that MoodleMonthly received access to a free copy of Using Lessons in Moodle after requesting one.  We are not affiliated with Mark (but do appreciate his hard work).