Here’s another great post from John Patten (@jpatten) of the Sylvan Union School District in Modesto, CA (check out their Moodle).  The post discusses the use of Moodle’s Lesson activity and goes into it step-by-step to help you create a simple lesson (that can easily be expanded later).  In addition to a great intro to lessons video [link] in which John explains the possible analog between a traditional classroom exercise using flash cards and how that translates to the Moodle lesson module, John also provides tutorials to cover each step in the process.

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Each tutorial is created in flash and covers the topics listed below.  The entire process is easy to follow and well explained by John Kudos to John for a Grade A+ explanation and example of the Moodle lesson.  Hit the link for all the goodies.

Here are John’s steps for creating a lesson activity in Moodle:

  1. Setting up Groups on Moodle and Adding Students to the Groups
  2. What Does A Lesson Activity Look Like? (Preview of a vocabulary example)
  3. Part I – Creating the Lesson in Moodle
  4. Adding a Question to the Lesson
  5. Add a Second Question to the Lesson
  6. How it Appears to the Student
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