Extending Moodle is one of the best options for providing your organization and users a robust and unique learning experience within Moodle.  There are 100s of modules available on the web, showcased on Moodle.org and available to checkout and tryout at sites around the web.  Here are a few of my all time favorite sites for checking out and learning about new Modules and Plug-ins.

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  1. Moodle.org Module Repository:   The Module and Plug-in repository has well over 600 Modules, Plugins and Blocks that you can add to your Moodle to do any host of tasks, tricks and additional functionality.  Though they are unsorted and unranked, it’s a great place to start if you know what you’re looking for.  To get a better feel for what the most popular modules are, consider reviewing the Moodle.org download statistics: http://download.moodle.org/stats.php.  As you can see the top four most popular modules and plugins are the Questionnaire, Certificate, Presenter and Book.
  2. University of Iowa plugin Matrix: This site documents the features of some of the best modules available in an easy to navigate format.  While it was primarily for internal use in evaluating the desired functionalities of a Virtual University for UofI, the site offers a peek at the characteristics of over 50 extensions (acting as a clearing house of many other sites that have reviewed plugins and modules in the past).
  3. Lambda Solutions top 20 Modules:  This Moodle partner provides a sneak peek of the most sought Moodle modules available and includes a quick screen shot some.  All are listed in alphabetical order.  It’s a great list of some of the modules they’ve learned to be the most popular, presumably through the relationships with their clients.
  4. Moodleman’s Playpen: This site maintained by Julian Ridden (@Moodleman) has an awesome combination of Moodle extensions including the Accordion Course format, a sharp custom theme, and around 10 great 3rd party extensions (including the Book, Nanogong, WizIQ and several image storage plugins).  If  this were a production Moodle site it certainly would make it’s users happy.

If you’ve got a favorite source for Module/plugin/block information, leave it in the comments!

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