Moodlerooms (@moodlerooms), official Moodle partner recently started blogging at and also has released some very good videos lately.  Not all of the videos focus on standard Moodle installs (but that’s why I think they’re so interesting).  Among the non-standard feature videos are,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Moodle Flex Page format – which gives you the ability to design courses more like a Blackboard format, with multiple pages and layers

Express Designer Block – which provides a way to quickly brand and change themes for courses and sites (VERY COOL)

From their video collection on Youtube you can get a sense of standard Moodle features like the Glossary, the “focus box” (which is another term for square icons that help condense the topic and weekly outline) and a few others.  Check them all out (over 20) at

For more information on Moodlerooms services and products (including Joule) visit

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