Announced today a is a new enrollment method which allows editing teachers to approve/deny enrollment to prospective students once they’ve “applied”.

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As a modification, instead of seeing the option to “enroll” in the course Administration block or a text field to enter a course enrollment key, students instead will see a button to apply for enrollment.  The facilitator is then notified by the Moodle email system and given the option to approve or deny access.

This modification seems to be a great addition to the current options (enrollment key or no) as a simple process for vetting students and ensuring the correct pupils have access to a course.  Below is the full description from

Implements a new enrolment method. When a student tries to enrol to a course a moderator is contacted by mail. The moderator can approve or reject the application.

  1. The student applies for enrollment.
  2. The student receives an email confirming the application.
  3. The specified email account receives a mail with the application data.
  4. An administrator approves or denies the enrollment application.
  5. The student receives an activation or denial email.

The enrollment method is available for Moodle 1.9 and higher.  For more information visit

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  1. Hi,

    This is only for 1.9

    But there is a Similar plugin for moodle 2.x called “enrolment upon approval”


  2. @Flotter

    Aren’t you referring to your own plugin?

    It does work in a similar manner. The workflow is identical. Yours does work well, but I’m a little bogged down in getting the reason for applying into the database. Still, nearly there. If I could only find the line of code that inserts the new record into ‘user_enrolments’.


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