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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
9 am PST | 1 pm EST | 6 pm GMT | 11:30 pm IST

Why You Should Be Running Your L&D Team Like A Startup

Have you ever had the experience of spending a long time building out a course or activity only to have it flop? I have, and it hurts. And that's why we're starting 2020 with a Lean state of mind.

We want to help you build successful courses that your students love AND save you time! Doesn't that sound great? We're starting the new year helping you be more innovative, make the best use of your team's time, and be more successful by applying the principles of Lean Methodology to your L&D team. We'll look at how to sync with your organization's mission to ensure that your efforts are aligned, then we'll focus on incorporating the Build, Measure, Learn loop so that you are providing the right learning in an ever-changing environment.

This session is ideal for L&D Managers, LMS Administrators and Content Creators, as we'll be helping you understand…

  • The importance of syncing your efforts with your organisation's mission.
  • How to apply Lean Methodology to your L&D Team
  • How to apply Lean Analytics to your L&D Team


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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
9 am PST | 11 am EST | 4 pm GMT | 9:30 pm IST

Introducing Moodle Workplace for Professional Learning


Moodle Workplace allows training managers to share knowledge across organizations and deliver effective corporate training and professional development. Available only through Certified Moodle Partners, Moodle Workplace features the best of open-source Moodle, fine-tuned for organizational learning.

Join eThink on Wednesday, February 5th at 11:00 am EST to explore Moodle Workplace and learn how to leverage this flexible training solution to meet your organizational goals. We'll discuss:

  • The features and benefits of using Moodle Workplace to create and deliver professional training, education, and onboarding.
  • Ways to customize your LMS to reflect and strengthen your company's processes and structure.
  • How Moodle Workplace can provide employees with a flexible training system that is accessible from anywhere and on any device.
  • What you need to know about acquiring Moodle Workplace to support your learning and development strategy.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
9 am PST | 11 am EST | 4 pm GMT | 9:30 pm IST

Introducing Real-Time SIS-LMS Integration: Ellucian + Moodle by eThink

In order to leverage automation and deeper analytics within your learning solution, powerful integrations are essential. A real-time integration between your Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) can connect your institution's two most important systems, allowing you to streamline your learning data and automate course population, student enrollment, grades, attendance and more to save countless hours for your staff. Additionally, an integration with Ethos can allow you to make more meaningful data-driven decisions from all of your learning data.

Join this educational webinar to explore the real-time integrations that can be used to connect any Ellucian SIS, including PowerCampus, Banner and Colleague, and an Ethos instance to your LMS for improved workflow and reporting.

During this session, you will learn: 

  • About eThink's world-class, real-time SIS & LMS integration
  • About eThink's work with Ethos and the LMS integrations available 
  • Why eThink is a chosen Ellucian Alliance Partner / about their years of experience supporting Ellucian customers

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