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Wednesday, August 12
9 am
Los Angeles\PDT • Noon New York\ET • 5 pm London\BST • 9:30 pm India\IST

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Moodle 3.9

In this webinar, we’re breaking down the latest and greatest feature and functionality updates being introduced in Moodle’s 3.9 update, including:

  • Making interactive content easier to use and grade (with enhanced H5P functionality)
  • Streamlined activity management (made easy with the improved Activity Chooser and Activity Completion settings)
  • User Experience improvements (better search, additional filters, and more)
  • And so, so much more!

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Wednesday, August 12
9 pm Los Angeles\PDT

Thursday, August 13
5 am London\BST • 9:30 am India\IST • 2pm Australia\AEST

New Ways to Adapt Using Online Resources During COVID-19

This is the perfect opportunity to adapt and improve on your plans. Not only to keep your business afloat but to make it even better. This pandemic has been a major disruption to how businesses operate, function and simply get by.

We want to use this opportunity to reach out and support organisations around Australia and the world to make this transition as easily as possible. In this free webinar, we’ll be sharing our own experience, tools and some real case-studies that you can take away and implement right now.

  • How to motivate your workplace remotely
  • How to use online tools to keep your culture alive
  • Going from Face-to-face to Blended Training. How does it work?
  • Tips from EdTech experts on how Learning Management Systems can support change

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Thursday, August 20
8 am LA\PDT • 11 am New York\PST •4 pm London\BST • 8:30 pm India\IST

Moodle for Higher Education: Level Up Your University’s Moodle Skills with eThink Academy

Moodle is the world’s most widely used LMS, providing universities and institutions across the world with a highly customizable solution that can support the needs of both students and instructors. As an open-source platform, Moodle allows for superior flexibility in terms of features and functionality. However, with so much that is possible with the learning platform, we’ve found that many administrators have yet to truly leverage Moodle to its full potential.  But good news! The experts at eThink are here to help.

During this webinar, we’ll explore: 

  • Why Moodle is the world’s most widely used LMS… The advantages of open-source technology and the Moodle ecosystem. 
  • How Moodle training on a variety of topics can help administrators maximize the functionality, design, and effectiveness of the LMS. 
  • A sneak peek into upcoming eThink Academy courses for administrators and instructional designers, including Make the Most of New Features and the Moodle Educator Certification course.

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Tuesday, August 25
8 am LA\PDT • 11 am New York\PST • 4 pm London\BST • 8:30 pm India\IST

Moodle Workplace: Exploring Key Features for Professional Learning

Easy to use with a modern user interface, Moodle Workplace has morphed the most widely used LMS worldwide, Moodle, into a tool dedicated to simplifying and streamlining Learning and Development Initiatives. Combine this robust tool with the best customer service in the LMS industry, and organizations worldwide have been have rapidly adopting Moodle Workplace to reach a wide variety of L&D goals.

During this session, the eThink team will demonstrate: 

  • Multi-tenancy: Moodle Workplace introduces a multi-tenant framework that allows administrators to create and configure multiple tenants and allocate users to each of them.  Tenant users can use the same site without having access to neighboring tenants. Each tenant can have their own logo and color schemes, and manage their own courses, programs and users. 
  • Dynamic Rules: Dynamic rules in Moodle Workplace allow administrators to create “if this then that” rules where they can select one or more actions based on a condition. These flexible rules enable automation within Moodle Workplace ensuring content can be allocated, certificates or badges can be awarded, and notifications can be sent, all based on the dynamic rules that are specified. 
  • Multi-page certificates: Custom Certificates are a core feature within Moodle Workplace allowing certificates to be issued based on certain defined conditions, which can be set by the administers of the platform and others who have the appropriate permissions.  Certificates can be awarded based on dynamic rules and allow for users to receive an achievement at the completion of their course, program or certification. 
  • Market leading customer service: Let’s face it, the LMS industry is not know for providing a high level of customer service.  In fact, lack of quality service is often the top gripe of LMS Administrators.  Learn how our “fully-managed” service model has changed expectations in the industry.

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Tuesday, August 27
9 am New York\PST • 2 pm London\BST • 6:30 pm India\IST

Transforming Your Corporate Training Strategy through Open-Source eLearning

With the multitude of different technologies, tools, and strategies that are available to help structure corporate training programmes, it’s becoming increasingly more important for companies to not only stay aware of the new technologies but the trends driving the evolution of the corporate learning ecosystem.

The introduction of open-source solutions into the learning ecosystem has transformed the landscape of professional development. The ability for consumers to freely access code has given rise to a marketplace of ideas and a community that can come together in the name of innovation to help drive product advancement, ultimately allowing technology to evolve at a faster rate and giving consumers more freedom regarding functionality, flexibility, and ownership.  

During the session, we’ll explore: 

  • The latest trends, tools, and strategies in the eLearning market that are encouraging organisations to move from closed-source to open-source solutions. 
  • The importance and advantages of open source to ensure a sustainable and interoperable learning ecosystem.
  • How the robust functionality and endless integrations of open-source learning platforms like Moodle and Moodle Workplace enable you to build a scalable, customisable, and future-proof learning ecosystem.

Speaker: Benn Cass, Customer Solutions Architect, eThink Education

Benn joined eThink Education in 2019 bringing over 10 years’ experience in supporting and developing Moodle and Totara Learning management systems. He spent five of them working closely with clients on solutions based approaches to developing systems that meet their needs. He has worked in both educational and corporate organisations and has a wealth of knowledge and highly developed skills when it comes to online learning.

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