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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
1  pm EST | 6 pm GMT | 11:30 pm IST | Wed 4, 5 am AEDT

Ask Me Anything! eLearning Best Practices

As the end of 2019 quickly approaches, we know that many of you are planning out your training and education programs for 2020 and may want to ask an expert for advice.  So, for the month of December, we are opening ourselves up to your questions.

In this first Ask Me Anything session, we’ll focus on general best practices in eLearning.  We’ll answer some of the questions you’ve submitted over the past few months, and answer as many live questions as time allows!

This session is ideal for LMS Administrators and Course/Content Creators.

This is Part One of three sessions.  We’ll follow up with a session devoted to answering questions on Zoola Analytics (December 10) and then on more practical how-to questions for Moodle and Totara Learn (December 17).

Some topics we’ll cover will be:

  • Building a community of practice
  • Training needs analysis
  • and getting started with competency frameworks

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Noon EST | 5 pm GMT | 10:30 pm IST | Thu 5, 4 am AEDT

The Pro’s Guide to LMS Implementation

Launching a new LMS can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be one you face alone!

Perfect for LMS Administrators, this webinar will provide you with the best practices to follow before, during, and after the launch of the Totara Learn LMS.

WCG’s Tricia Lalli will take you through everything you need to get your users from Login to Course Completion, including how to achieve a smooth launch and how to keep things moving forward and improving for the long-term.

When this session is over you’ll have learned:

  • 6 steps to follow before implementation begins
  • Troubleshooting for a painless LMS Launch
  • Reporting to measure long-term ROI & Success

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Thursday, December 5, 2019
11 am EST | 4 pm GMT | 9:30 pm IST | Fri 6, 3 am AEDT

Hacking the LMS Selection Process: Considerations for a Smooth Selection

When looking for a new Learning Management System, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. There are a multitude of questions that must be asked, starting with the broader questions around: What functionality is critical to help my organization reach our L&D goals? Does the type of technology I use matter? How are my goals going to shift or change in the next few years? It’s also important to consider: What is the level of support I want from my LMS provider? And what are the vendor’s policies relating to upgrades, customizations, integrations, and training?

The process of evaluating LMSs and sorting through all the different hosting options and functionality available in the market can seem daunting, but during this session you will learn how to simplify the process by understanding what questions you need to ask the companies you are evaluating.

Join eThink Education on to learn how to determine what is truly important to your organization’s L&D ecosystem. We’ll explore:

✨   The LMS functionality you should consider (and not consider) when evaluating new solutions, including integrations, reporting, mobile capabilities, and accessible design
✨   Why the type of technology your LMS uses is important, including significant considerations regarding data ownership, security, LMS configuration, product updates and most importantly, support
✨   How and if the type of technology your LMS uses will support the functionality you will need to meet your LMS goals
✨   What is available in the ever-changing eLearning ecosystem and how to pick a LMS that will fit your current needs and adapt to your changing needs in the future.
✨   How to create an LMS RFP to ensure selection of the best possible vendor/platform

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
5 am EST | 10 am GMT | 3:30 pm IST | 9 pm AEDT

Boost your Moodle Skills with the Moodle Educator Certification program

The Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is designed for teachers, instructors and trainers who are looking to develop their digital competencies and to advance their Moodle skills. The MEC Program equips attendees with the skills necessary to create engaging activities that will benefit learners and will help increase engagement.

Join Enovation on Tuesday, December 10 as Vaida Holohan, Certified Moodle Certification Facilitator, will tell you everything you need know about the MEC program:

📜   What is MEC?
📜   Who is it for?
📜   Programme and module structure
📜   Completion criteria and awards
📜   How to get started?

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