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Mike Taylor is an experienced learning consultant focused in making people passionate about learning and using “no code tools” to automate repetitive tasks and enhance the classroom experience
Mark Lassoff is the founder of Framework Tech Media, a workforce development training company focused on video learning experiences
Estefania Fernandez is the founder of e-bloom, a community that matches young professionals looking to gain skills and experience with social innovation projects
My guest for today is Ray Blakney, an edu-preneur and founder of Live Lingua, a one-on-one online language learning service. In 2015, Live Lingua was named among the Best 360 Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. In this very...
For our final episode of 2021, my guest is Diego Lainez, the founder of Dare To Learn in Monterey, Mexico. Diego’s answer to one simple question may be the perfect lever you need to kick start your eLearning right 2022. The...
Dr. Rachel Jefferson-Buchanan is a Lecturer in Human Movement Studies and Creative Arts at Charles Sturt University, in Australia. 
My guest today is Daniel Martin. Daniel is a social psychologist, organizational psychologist and business professor. He’s also the founder of Brightsity, a platform that helps individuals and  organizations create measurable transformative change.
My guest for today is Suchi Deshpande, who is the Co-Founder of Learnfully, a personalized learning platform with neurodivergence as its main focus.
Silicon Valley insider Luke Hohmann is the founder of FirstRoot, which is an exciting approach to involve students in the improvement of their schools, while increasing financial literacy skills.
My guest this week is Kate Udalova, who is the founder, creator and driving force behind 7taps, which seeks to bring everyone into microlearning easily.