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My guest for today’s episode is Kenneth Chapman from D2L, formerly “Desire 2 Learn.” D2L is the Canadian elearning company behind Brightspace, one of the top players in what we call the “LMS Space Race.”
“If you don’t figure out how to do your programs online, you are out of business.” These are words from Mohit Mukherjee, my guest for episode 11 of the eLearning Podcast
My guest for today’s episode is Cindy Pascale. She’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Vado, a content provider focused on video streaming for HR and Talent Management departments.
My guest for today’s episode is Dr. Page Chen, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Remote Learner.  Based in Denver, CO, Remote Learner continues to innovate in technology as well as the learning process itself. The services and solutions that Remote...
My guest for today’s episode is Seb Francis. Seb is the Co-Founder and CEO of Titus, A Certified Premium Partner of Moodle in the UK, Hong Kong and UAE. In these countries, Titus helps organizations of all stripes to get started, scale and make the most of Moodle, and more recently Moodle Workplace.
Since the beginning of lockdowns, Monica’s website has seen tremendous growth. It makes complete sense. Teachers and parents are looking everywhere for help in their online learning, and Monica is one of the most knowledgeable and approachable experts you're going to find.
When we recorded this interview in early September 2020, Ouriginal (with an “O-U”) is only a few hours old. Ouriginal is the result of a merger of two text-matching and plagiarism prevention companies: Urkund, from Sweden, and PlagScan, from Germany.
My guest for the fifth episode of the eLearning Podcast is Brittany Smith. Brittany is a Preschool teacher in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who blogs at
Dean is an Australian EdTech pioneer with global exposure across some of the worlds largest organisations. Dean leads the team at eCreators to create bespoke learning environments and content truly tailored towards organisational success. eCreators are the minds behind the Learnbook LMS, and the newly created Learnbook LXP which is charged with transforming the way people learn at work. My guest for our third episode is Michelle Moore, online learning consultant, doctoral student, and the co-founder of My Learning Consultants. Michelle has helped hundreds of educators and trainers design exceptional online and blended learning experiences. She was also one...