Why Your Should Be Using APIs In Your LMS Learning

As users, communities and the industry begin to embrace the idea of an open ecosystem, Application Programming Interfaces or APIs begin to...
How Building An LMS Chatbot Will Make You A Better Instructional Designer And Teacher

How Building An LMS Chatbot Will Make You A Better Instructional Designer And Teacher

And what a chatbot LMS and Open Ecosystem integration spells for the future of AI in learning and education.

How To Add Clean URLs To Your Moodle LMS (2019 Summer Update)

Updated on June 10th, 2019. Even thought the Clean URLs plugin for Moodle stopped being updated in 2017 and never made it into the...

Moodle 3.7 Is Out! Revamped Forum, Analytics, Messaging, Badges But No Built-In H5P

En Español On the Moodle Forum, Moodle HQ's Open Source Development Coordinator, Sander Bangma, announced the availability of Moodle 3.7, the...
Dangerous Vulnerability Found In Moodle 3.6.3, Earlier Versions Potentially Affected, Issue Not Yet Fix

Vulnerability Found In Moodle 3.6.3, Earlier Versions (Update With Moodle HQ Reply)

Updated on May 17th, 2019. Currently the vulnerability has been deemed as "Rejected," meaning it's not really an issue. Read a response from Moodle...

LMS April Pulse: Sakai, Totara, Canvas, BOLMS And More Software Updates

Welcome to another edition of software update roundups. You will find new releases, versions and overviews of Moodle, Blackboard Open LMS (BOLMS), Canvas, Totara, Sakai and the top open and proprietary LMS.

LMS Slideshows Guide: PowerPoint, Prezi, H5P, Piktochart and More

We love to claim we cannot stand PowerPoint. But can we afford to live without slideshows? Is there a...

Check Out The Latest New Features In The Recent Moodle Plugin Directory Update

Due for a radical dose of love an attention, Moodle HQ's David Mudrák shares key new changes in the official plugin directory. He begins...

Moodle 3.6.2 Released

Moodle 3.6.2 bring a modest but necessary set of fixes and improvements. Many of the new features debuted in the Moodle 3.6 series start...

A MoodleNet Update

Small but welcome updates to MoodleNet are released continuously. Functionality, Interface (UI) and Bug fixes and improvements feature in the latest video. Functionality Gravatars. A project...