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This section, sponsored by Moonami – a provider of a full range of Moodle services that combine the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform (AWS) with fanatical Moodle support, explores the technology of learning management systems – the core software, plugins, add-ons, extensions, themes, hosting, mobile and more.

Devlin Peck xAPI Storyline

Get Started with xAPI, Part One: How to Write an xAPI Statement from Scratch

The Getting Started with xAPI in Storyline Tutorial Series, by Devlin Peck @devpeck, was originally published at Check out Devlin at...

How To Track Content Access And Student Attendance Online

Updated on March 13, 2020. From confidentiality, to proper tracking of students and their whereabouts, there are reasons organizations...
Mobile Learning Faculty See More Barriers than Uses

Mobile Learning: Faculty See More Barriers than Uses

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally posted at The costs and networks supporting mobile device...

A Quick Glossary Of The Cloud For Elearning Professionals

The cloud is here to stay. As software gobbles each part of our world, economy and personal lives, cloud providers become the...

Your Personal Touch in Moodle: Everything You Need to Know About Designing ‘Child Themes’

Disponible en Español por cortesía de Poodll, la solución ideal para el aprendizaje de idiomas y práctica de habla interactiva en tus...
moonami kelly dempsey

How Moonami Makes Trust-Centric Growth Possible In The U.S. LMS Space

I guess a good way to start is: What is your working theory as to what drives learning success?
AI Authorship Verification

AI In The Perennial Problem Of Authorship Verification: From Shakespeare to Contract Cheating

Did Shakespeare write his own works? AI can tell us. It can also identify contract cheating and other breaches of academic integrity
The Best LMS Video Platform of 2019

How To LMS: Video — Best Video Learning Platforms of 2020

Kaltura, Panopto, BigBlueButton? Find a solution LMS Video Platform that works for you.

Get Started With Mobile-First Learning In 2020 (But First: Do You Need To?)

The decade started with off-the-charts mobile penetration around the world. On industrialized countries, almost everyone owned a phone. So many...
The Top Moodle Themes

The Best Free Themes For Your Moodle-Based Learning Environment EVER (New Decade Update)

Try them out on your Moodle, Totara and Blackboard Open LMS now! Updated on January 22, 2020