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This section, sponsored by Moonami – a provider of a full range of Moodle services that combine the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform (AWS) with fanatical Moodle support, explores the technology of learning management systems – the core software, plugins, add-ons, extensions, themes, hosting, mobile and more.

Check Out Oliver Tacke’s Expert H5P Playground

4-27 update: The types Sort the paragraph, KewAR code and AR Scavenger are already available in the H5P Hub, which means you can find...
moodle tips and tricks

10 Amazing Moodle™ Tricks And Tips By David Foord

 On this article: Welcome messageRating scaleMoodle™ calendarProgram spacesFilter codesDatabaseCourse imagesQuiz templatesH5PCourse completion  In this article you will find 10 amazing tips and tricks that expert Moodle™...

Human Rights Education For Legal Professionals Free Online Course | Development Pulse

Companies impact people's lives, since most of the time of their working life they are on the installations and even more so if there...

5 Ways Machine Learning Helps eLearning

Machine learning is slowly but surely working its way into many facets of our lives. It has proved itself to be an indispensable tool...

LMS and LXP: The Difference Explained

Modern learning delivered online should not be limited to a particular format or style. As a result, it should embrace a variety of approaches:...

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

Open LMS EDU is one of the two version of Moodle™ developed and maintained by Open LMS. It is designed for schools, universities and...
4 Best Plagiarism & Originality Apps For Writing Education

4 Best Plagiarism & Originality Apps For Educational Writing On Android

You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't read content stolen from another author.
10 Top Educational Android Apps in 2021

10 Top Educational Android Apps in 2021

Living in the age of smartphones, it is not easy not to be distracted by them. Smartphones have become an important part of your...
Plugins October

LMS — Let Me See These Plugins! October Moodle™ LMS Plugin Roundup

The following plugins are compatible at least with Moodle 3.10. Level up! by Fred Massart https://moodle.org/plugins/block_xp Add gamification to your Moodle™ site! Create a different and fun learning...
Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle Plugins Of September

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle™ Plugins Of September

With so many Moodle™ plugins available, it often gets to a point where searching for what you need is overwhelming. Over the years, we...