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This section, sponsored by eThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services, tracks how the design of learning management systems, courses and other material contributes to improving learner outcomes.

Looking For Free Moodle Hosting To Start Your Online Learning Portal? (2020 Update)

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Case Study Parallel Project Training’s marketing-leading approach to blended learning

Crafting The Perfect Blend In Project Management Training

With a mix of elearning modules, quizzes, podcasts, on-demand and face-to-face webinars, Parallel Project Training delivers market-leading blended learning courses for project...
Mights And Perils In The Moodle Gamification Of Flipped Learning

Mights And Perils In The Gamification Of Flipped Learning

Every classroom teacher should go ahead and flip it. At least try it out for a week of the school year. Of course, few...

Speech Recognition & Fluency Assessment SpeechAce, Now In Any LMS

Updated on August 31, 2020 SpeechAce has increased its compatiblity with several LMS, including Moodle (dedicated plugin–see below), Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai and WebCT (LTI). Further...
"Map of The Princess Bride by William Goldman"

Old Normal Classroom, My Name Is Digital Interactive Elearning Literacy, Prepare To Die

Were it not for our human and institutional tendency to maintain the statu quo, more people in the education community and beyond...

A Free English Grammar & Syntax Course For Moodle LMS

Updated on August 21, 2020. Moodle HQ has officially decommisioned in favor of MoodleNet, the upcoming federated social network. To get this course,...

The New Educational Normal, Brought To You By Celebrities And Influencers

Over at Elearning Inside, Henry Kronk chronicles the bumpy, but ultimately ascending path of Woz U, the virtual university play by former...

360° Feedback For LMS Performance Evaluation

In human resource  industry, 360 degree feedback is known as “multi-rater feedback“, “multi-source feedback“,or “multi-source assessment“. The feedback is provided by subordinates, peers, supervisor...
How to Use Digital Badges in Your Online Courses

How to Use Digital Badges in Your Online Courses

By Michael Weiss, Client Engagement Academy. This article was initially published at

The Digital Divide Affects Teachers Too

By Henry Kronk, eLearningInside News. This article was originally published at Though it has largely been closed at...