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This section, sponsored by eThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services, tracks how the design of learning management systems, courses and other material contributes to improving learner outcomes.

moodle tips and tricks

10 Amazing Moodle™ Tricks And Tips By David Foord

 On this article: Welcome messageRating scaleMoodle™ calendarProgram spacesFilter codesDatabaseCourse imagesQuiz templatesH5PCourse completion  In this article you will find 10 amazing tips and tricks that expert Moodle™...

Human Rights Education For Legal Professionals Free Online Course | Development Pulse

Companies impact people's lives, since most of the time of their working life they are on the installations and even more so if there...

Defense Hub: eLearning Lessons From U.S. Department of Defense, The World’s Largest EdTech Spender

In this Hub The modernizer stalled reformThe Learning Doctrine: What is itThe Learning Doctrine 2: Mind of a MullenFork the DoD https://www.lmspulse.com/2018/amid-low-adoption-dod-rd-will-keep-xapi-alive-and-thats-good-news/ With an estimated annual dedicated...

Development Hub Special: The Other Afghanistans

A few months ago, news that shook the world coming from Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban brought a poignant element involving the...

Design Matters: 4 Must-Read Books For eLearning Professionals In 2022

According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, young people are using social media sites to connect with friends and family, to receive news...
Feedback Versus Questionnaire

Feedback Versus Questionnaire: Which Moodle™ Tool Is Best For What?

Do you know how effective your moodle course is for your students? Are you taking their opinion about the course? By default, Moodle includes Choice,...
Meta-Analysis Review 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Meta-Analysis Review: 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Science learning based on local wisdom, to raise awareness of environmental issues. VR technology at the service of feedback. Bet on learner personality over...
moodle host

Looking For Free Moodle™ Hosting To Start Your Online Learning Portal?

Are you an individual teacher looking for a free Moodle hosting platform to start your online learning portal? Once you have chosen Moodle as...

The ‘In’ In Learning Tools Interoperability: LTI Apps For Your LMS

Updated on August 2021. Look at these apps: Instructure Canvas Edu Apps at eduappcenter.com (includes LMS-agnostic LTI Apps and set up...
Neuroscience Hub

This is The Sweet Spot Of Multisensory Information In Your Elearning | Neuroscience Pulse

Welcome to the Neuroscience of Elearning Hub — Brain sections and structures, neurons and synapses, substances, responses and resulting behavior.