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This section, sponsored by eThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services, we follow how LMS are effectively used by instructors, organizations and businesses to create the best outcomes for learners.

Moodlepreneur Monday Journeys Of Openness Told Through Tech

Journeys Of Openness Told Through EdTech

Here's another positive attribute of storytelling: It prevents commoditization. Unless people do not find an emotional connection with whatever you are offering, they will...
How To Install Instructure Canvas LMS For Free

How To Install Instructure Canvas LMS For Free

Canvas by Instructure is the most popular LMS in U.S. Higher Education today. It has excelled at grabbing the upper income tranche of the...
How technology can help students try out a career before deciding

9 Best Ways Technology Can Help Prospective Students Try Out A Career Before Deciding

By Bella, Assignment Expert Technology never ceases to provide exciting experiences for students. Increasingly, many students around the world are able to benefit not just...

Totara Code Available On GitHub (Update: Totara Code No Longer Available On GitHub)

2021 Update. Totara no longer provides their source code to the public. According to the Moodle repository for Totara on GitHub: «s not being updated...

eThink Partner Spotlight: Power Up Your Moodle LMS With IntelliBoard

If you want a great LMS experience, Moodle hosted by eThink alongside the Intelliboard plugin for advanced reporting should be at the top of your list.

Best Moodle plugin for Gamification based courses

Is there a place for Casual Games in Teaching and Learning? Vasilis Daloukas thinks yes. He even has some research behind his belief. Gamification in...

Implications of Online Merge Offline (OmO) for EdTech entrepreneurs

A technology is not disruptive because it makes a company a little more profitable than the others. Technologists, especially those related to learning and...
A Degree Isn’t The Only Way To Launch A Successful eLearning Career

A Degree Isn’t The Only Way To Launch A Successful eLearning Career

If you've made it to adulthood without a college degree, you may be wondering if you can get ahead in your career without one....
National eLearning Survey of Community Colleges - ITC 2020 Infographic

789 Educators Agree: This Is The Mapping Of Urgent Shifts We Need In 2021

Dust off your favorite concept mapping tool and get to shiftin'! By Mary Jones, Top My Grades
kahoot competitive quizzes app

What Is Kahoot, The Addictive Competitive Quiz App That’s Keeping Students —And Investors— Hooked...

If the use trends of Kahoot (or Kahoot!) continue, one of the few educational apps that can really dispute people’s attention, it will not only continue to accompany more virtual classrooms and more students around the world in 2021. It will also achieve a fully deserved entry on the Norwegian stock exchange, the country where it was created in 2012.