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ما هي منصة موودل للعمل؟ (تحديث موودل الافتراضي العالمي لعام 2020)

Moodle has announced Moodle Workplace. It is the first Moodle-branded solution that will not be available for public download. It joins the slate of niche-specific LMS seeking for a size of the promising corporate territory.

LMS Analytics: Analyzing Your Site Usage… For Student Clues?

The Moodle Analytics plugin created by David Bezemer, currently maintained by Bas Brands and Gareth Barnard, should go a long way in helping you...

5 Benefits Of APIs School And University IT Leaders Need To Know About

By Team Stoplight Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, allow separate systems or apps to communicate and exchange data with one another. It’s a simple but...

What Is A Virtual Programming Lab?

If you teach computer science and use Moodle as your LMS, good news: you can now have student submit snippets of code easily using...

Asumiendo el Desafío de Integridad en la Evaluación Online: Entrevista con Alex Vea, SMOWLTECH

A medida que el mundo se aproxima a modalidades cada vez más virtuales, empresas como SMOWLTECH suscitan nuevas oportunidades en organizaciones dispuestas a abandonar...

The eLearning Podcast — Aaron Hurst, Imperative

My guest for today’s episode is Aaron Hurst. A veteran in the social entrepreneurship space, Aaron is an author and researcher in what he calls the “science of purpose and fulfillment at work.” Aaron is widely known as the Founder and CEO of the Taproot Foundation and the author of the book The Purpose Economy. Today, Aaron has taken the learning from Taproot and The Purpose Economy and folded it into Imperative, a social learning platform focused on peer coaching.