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Three Ways To Use Scenario Based Learning To Level Up Your Elearning Game

Scenario Based Learning uses real world scenarios to immerse learners in learning situations. This can vary from a simple text-based adventure, to in-person role...
Learning Record Stores

Getting Started With Learning Record Stores — PLUS The Best LRS Of 2021

In this guide What LRS are and doA model LRS checklistBest Learning Records Stores of 2021 Yet The quickest way to define a Learning Record Store...
Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide

Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide: Create Environmental Awareness And Responsibility In Your Learners

Begin to generate awareness in students is important since it is the world that we are going to leave them. That is why we think that it could be useful to share activities and resources related to the subject.
email strings moodle

Want To Customize The Emails Sent By Your Moodle-Based LMS?

Updated in September, 2021. Lewis Carr's big favor for those who care about branding and customization of email customization from Moodle-based systems keeps on giving....
Blackboard And Anthology Merge

Blackboard And Anthology Merge, Form An LMS, SIS, CRM, ERP Smorgasbord

There is plenty of room in the EdTech town for as many giants who want to. On Monday, EdTech company Blackboard, famous for its eponymous...
Meta-Analysis Review 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Meta-Analysis Review: 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Science learning based on local wisdom, to raise awareness of environmental issues. VR technology at the service of feedback. Bet on learner personality over...

The Most Accessible Upskilling Opportunities Ever With Harsh Jain From Escafate On The...

My guest for today is Harsh Jain, a young Bachelor in Commerce from Delhi University who in 2019 decided with his brother to launch Escafate. With this education startup, Harsh seeks to increase opportunities both in academic and training achievement; as well as job finding and career development.
covid-19 free moodle

Looking For Free Moodle Hosting To Start Your Online Learning Portal?

Are you an individual teacher looking for a free Moodle hosting platform to start your online learning portal? Once you have chosen Moodle as...
The Top Moodle Themes

The Best Free Themes For Your Moodle-Based Learning Environment

Updated in September, 2021. № 9-11 'Boost Training', 'Boost Learning' & 'Boost Magnific' (Material Moodle) by Eduardo Kraus theme_boost_magnific 💗 theme_boost_learning 💗 theme_boost_training As it becomes...