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Schools Of Thought In Instructional Design

B.F Skinner was one of the first people to publish on instructional design. On an early article, he mentions the importance of didactic materials,...
Learning Record Stores

Getting Started With Learning Record Stores

In this guide What LRS are and doA model LRS checklistMost searched for LRS 2022 — and how good is that? The quickest way to define...
employee engagement

LMS To Help With Employee Engagement — Here’s How

Learning Management Systems, or LMS, are the backbone of learning purposes for organizations of all kinds. Since the pandemic, the demand for these programs...
customize your moodle login page

How To Customize Your Moodle™ Login Page

Updated in June 2022. Updates to Moodle™ Visual customization coverage come courtesy of Edwiser. With this article, you are going to learn how to manage...
Search Learning Optimization

Search Learning Optimization: How To Promote Your Virtual Learning Platform On Google

If you're like most educators, you're always looking for new and innovative methods to promote your virtual learning platform experience. Whatever your experience is...

Open Source Encryption Still Rocks!

In 2016, Jonathan Moore, Founder of Elearning Consultancy, later My Learning Consultants, now Moodle™ US, shared a presentation on encrypting and protecting your Moodle™...

Quiz & Question Bank Fixes Among Top Priorities For Upcoming Moodle™ 4.1 Update

As reviews for Moodle™ 4.0 continue to stream and real-life testing begins moving from early adopters to actual students, development teams are starting to...

Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide — Understanding War And Peace

This month, we're all about Arts in Math! As a language, how mathematics be shown in a way that allow learners to express themselves and communicate? Maybe these activities will help!
5 Reasons Why Advancing eLearning Should Mean More Than A 'Lockdown Compromise'

5 Reasons Why Advancing eLearning Should Mean More Than A ‘Lockdown Compromise’

Online learning is now more popular than ever before. However, much of this demand was initially born out of necessity only.  For example, online learning...
Start An Educational Podcast With Your Students The Ultimate Guide

Start An Educational Podcast With Your Students: The Ultimate Guide

So you have decided to start your educational podcast. Excellent choice! Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, and they are a great way...