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D2L’s Way: Lessons In Sustainable Elearning By The Longest-Running Company In The LMS Space...

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Moodle Updates Free Mobile App Plans, Limits On Push Notification, Online Content Access

Moodle Updates Free Mobile App Plans, Limits On Push Notification, Offline Content Access (Updated)

Updated on March 27. Moodle has released a Moodle Apps portal. Register on the site to get Premium access until April 30.
Moodle Fortnite Make Learning Activities Your Students Will Want To ‘Streambrag’ About

Fortnite Virtual Classroom? Online Learning Experiences Your Students Will Want To ‘Streambrag’ About (Updated)

Updated on March 26, 2020. Let's give a definitive answer to the question that's on everyones's mind: Can Fortnite teach a full...

The 2020 Comprehensive Elearning, EdTech & LMS Event AND CANCELLATIONS Tracker

Make sure to check our Calendar and add it to your favorite...
covid-19 free moodle

These Providers Are Ready To Set You Up With A Free Moodle Site

Providers of Moodle LMS services, including certified Moodle Partners, are doing their part by helping organizations and teachers make...

Speaking Of Gamified, Fully Immersive Online Learning Experiences, What Is The Minecraft Uncensored Library?

For those who are currently feeding their wild inspiration, and for whom these times feel like the beginning of...
Unicheck Grants Free Access to Help Institutions Switch to E-learning

Unicheck Grants Free Access to Institutions Without Licenses to Help Them Transition to E-Learning

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Unicheck team has shared free access to their plagiarism checker till June 30. The trial...
Devlin Peck xAPI Storyline

Get Started with xAPI, Part One: How to Write an xAPI Statement from Scratch

The Getting Started with xAPI in Storyline Tutorial Series, by Devlin Peck @devpeck, was originally published at Check out Devlin at...
Interpersonal Interaction Is Crucial for Instructional Continuity. But What Dose that Mean?

Kids’ Reading Comprehension Is Worse on Screens, Study Finds

A recently published study found that 10-year-old students tended to score worse on reading comprehension tests when they took them on a...

Live Video Should Not Be Your Default Online Learning Experience

Like many foreigners working as teachers in China, James left the country for the holiday season in late December...