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Analíticas de aprendizaje

¿Qué son las Analíticas del Aprendizaje (Learning Analytics)? ¿Cómo puedo utilizarlas para mejorar mi...

Fuente: Las analíticas de aprendizaje es la colección y análisis de datos de los estudiantes en el entorno estudiantil, estas analíticas han abierto...
A Degree Isn’t The Only Way To Launch A Successful eLearning Career

A Degree Isn’t The Only Way To Launch A Successful eLearning Career

If you've made it to adulthood without a college degree, you may be wondering if you can get ahead in your career without one....

The eLearning Podcast — Philip von Heydebreck & Achim Rothe, Trickle, Beautiful Company

If you are a regular LMSPulse reader, you know of the countless and ever growing number of platforms out there to launch a course.
OER Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) In 2021 — Get Started With These Top-Notch, Easy &...

Elearning does not only involve technology. It also consists of instructional strategies to configure an in-depth learning environment for the student. Among other things....
National eLearning Survey of Community Colleges - ITC 2020 Infographic

789 Educators Agree: This Is The Mapping Of Urgent Shifts We Need In 2021

Dust off your favorite concept mapping tool and get to shiftin'! By Mary Jones, Top My Grades
Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide

Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide — 2021 Kickoff Update

Availability of the resources below may change at any time. Kindly report to us any issues you may encounter.
brazil dying hilde silvana hill pontes todraw moodle

In Dying Brazil, Is Open EdTech Dying As Well?

Are we ready for this discussion?
kahoot competitive quizzes app

What Is Kahoot, The Addictive Competitive Quiz App That’s Keeping Students —And Investors— Hooked...

If the use trends of Kahoot (or Kahoot!) continue, one of the few educational apps that can really dispute people’s attention, it will not only continue to accompany more virtual classrooms and more students around the world in 2021. It will also achieve a fully deserved entry on the Norwegian stock exchange, the country where it was created in 2012.
kahoot competitive quizzes app

Qué es Kahoot, la App de Quices Competitivos que Acapara la Atención de tus...

Si las tendencias de uso de Kahoot (o Kahoot!) continúan, una de las pocas apps educativas que acapara la atención de los estudiantes como un adictivo juego cualquiera, no solo seguirá acompañando los salones virtuales de más estudiantes alrededor del mundo. También alcanzará un completamente merecido ingreso a la bolsa de valores Noruega, país en el que fue creada en 2012.

The eLearning Podcast — Rob Kelley, American University

My guest for today’s episode is Rob Kelley, Assistant Professor at the American University School of International Service, a thoughtful educator, technologist and humanitarian; and a longtime friend.