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TeacherTools.Digital, The Easiest Language Learning Assignment Tool Ever, Now With Poodll Superpowers

"It's like an LMS without the -MS," says Justin Hunt, aka "Poodll Guy," about TeacherTools.Digital. A jovial comment to underscore the simplicity...
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BREAKING: eCreators Joins Learning Technologies Group, LTG Becomes Largest Moodle Provider Globally

In development… In a surprising announcement, Melbourne-based eCreators, Premium Certified Moodle Partner and 2019 Global Moodle Partner of the...
off the shelf vs custom

Off-The-Shelf Vs A Custom-Made LMS: Which Is The Right One For You?

The beginning of an elearning project can be an exciting and auspicious time. As an insider, it rings all too true whenever...

Looking For Free Moodle Hosting To Start Your Online Learning Portal? (2020 Update)

For updated information, please check out these resources:
Top 10 Plugins That Enhance The Capabilities Of The Atto Text Editor

Top 10 Plugins That Enhance The Capabilities Of The Atto Text Editor (2020 Update)

Updated on September 15 , 2020. According to number of registered active sites currently using it. More Font Colors 4,662...

Urkund and PlagScan Merge Into Ouriginal To Advance The Conversation On Plagiarism And Originality

On the eve of September 1st, 2020, Swedish anti-plagiarism EdTech company Urkund announced the acquisition of German counterpart PlagScan, to become Ouriginal....
Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide

Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide

In collaboration with BKK Kids and the 2020 International Schools Guide. Last updated: September 3, 2020
The Top 30 Non-LMS EdTech Of 2020 So Far

The Top 30 Non-LMS EdTech Of 2020 So Far: The Quest To Revolutionize Education...

The surprises and uncertainty set upon the elearning world early this year are behind us. We don't understand the coronavirus very well,...

Speech Recognition & Fluency Assessment SpeechAce, Now In Any LMS

Updated on August 31, 2020 SpeechAce has increased its compatiblity with several LMS, including Moodle (dedicated plugin–see below), Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai and WebCT (LTI). Further...
Edu Labs MoodleMoot Colombia 2020 Open Source LMS

MoodleMoot Colombia Online 2020, Edu Labs Portal To Open EdTech Solutions This August 27-28

Artículo disponible en Español Colombia, a nation at the core of Latin America, is not unlike its neighbors in...