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Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide — Understanding War And Peace

This month, we're all about Arts in Math! As a language, how mathematics be shown in a way that allow learners to express themselves and communicate? Maybe these activities will help!
LMSPulse Event Tracker

The 2020 Comprehensive Elearning, EdTech & LMS Event AND CANCELLATIONS Tracker

Make sure to check our Calendar and add it to your favorite client. Get alerted, plus reading picks and more goodies in our Weekly...
What Is The Best Technology To Adopt Student Success Research Fast And Effectively

What Is The Best Technology To Adopt Student Success Research Fast And Effectively?

The big old debate between online versus face-to-face learning makes less sense with each passing day. Multiple studies have already concluded “no significant difference” between...
The eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek

The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek: The Best Moments So Far

Missed a beat of any of our fantastic guest? Catch up with our handy guide and recap! Plus: Upcoming guest lineup
elearning success summit by lmspulse

The LMSPulse Elearning Success Summit: Join Our Virtual Call

March 3 update: We have over 30 confirmed speakers, including: Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of MoodleDr. Charles Severance ("Dr. Chuck"), First Chief Architect of...

How Open Source Learning Helps Us All Achieve Industrial Revolution 4.0, SDG by SDG

An ongoing LMSPulse guide for aspiring Open EdTech doers, entrepreneurs and advocates. Last updated: July 29th, 2019 Many of us in the Open Source EdTech world...
Nephilia MoodleMoot Philippines 2019

It’s Time For Longstanding Southeast Asia Moodle Partner Nephila Web Technology To Shine

On the eve of the 8th anniversary of its creation, Nephila Web Technology's reasons to celebrate only continue to grow. With the exception of Australian-based...
eumenna srf self review framework

Eummena’s Quest To Transform Elearning In MENA Region And Beyond — Exclusive Look At...

متوفر باللغة العربية Updated on August 14. Eummena has announced its status as Official Moodle Partner in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Saudi...

The Best Premium Plugins & Integrations For Your LMS In 2019

In the first category of our "Best of Moodle" awards, we are witnessing the several ways entrepreneurs are figuring out sustainable business models that...
MoodleNews is now LMS Pulse

Check Out Announcement On Our MoodleNews Rebranding to LMSPulse

Over 10 years since our first post by Joe Thibault in 2009, remained an independent and reliable resource for Moodlers of all stripes:...