LMSPulse.com is a leading online destination for news, information and resources about the top Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard OpenLMS, and edX. LMSPulse.com is an authority site recognized for its depth, breadth and organization of all things LMS, including:

  • The Tech: we track the continued development and growth of LMS technology by reporting on core updates, plugins, add-ons, extensions, themes and more.
  • How To: we create or report on exceedingly practical answers and how-tos for using learning management systems.
  • Outcomes: we follow how LMS are effectively used by instructors, organizations and businesses to create the best outcomes for learners.
  • Marketplace: we engage in the greater conversation around the future of learning to keep our users updated on events and other exciting EdTech developments.

LMSPulse.com was founded as MoodleNews.com in 2009. Recognizing the massive growth and other shifts in the marketplace around LMS, MoodleNews.com became LMSPulse.com in 2019 to allow the platform to grow beyond Moodle and serve the wider LMS community.

MoodleNews.com was founded in 2009 by Joseph Thibault, Vice President of Student Support and Academic Services at StraighterLine.com. A dedicated learning management system professional himself, Joe started MoodleNews.com as a passion project to help organize the vast amount of information about the Moodle LMS platform. He continues to contribute to LMSPulse.com site as a writer, editor, and LMS brain trust.

Stephen Ladek became a partner of LMSPulse.com in 2015. Stephen both writes and edits for the site, while also covering advertising and administration.

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