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My guest for today is Estefania Fernandez, a serial educational entrepreneur, youth leader and polyglot originally from Spain.

After relocating to Berlin, Estefania created her “Business Model Republic” Meetup group to connect with others. This group exploded to more than 6 thousand members, and became an obvious launching point for her latest venture: e-bloom. 

E-bloom is an international community where young business graduates gain skills by participating in social innovation projects.

I’m sure you’re be energized listening to this very lively conversation, where Estefania and I talk about:

👦 The origin of a simple, yet powerful idea: Match young graduates looking for experience, with NGOs needing help with innovative solutions to social problems- finding the value in both agile methodologies, and empathy along the way

💯 Why social innovation is the perfect playground for professionals to put years of project management and innovation theory to the test. You should definitely stay tuned for some of Estefania’s favorite campaigns!

👩‍💼 We also talk about making value consistent with both business and social innovation, and the value of the community to ensure sustainable outcomes

📞 Why Estefania believes in “learning by helping,” and the many lessons she’s drawn from the intense startup communities across Europe

🎓 Finally, Estefania explains how you can join as a graduate, a volunteer, NGO looking for support, a facilitator or even a school or university interested in adding a practical and empathetic element to their learning plans

A final note

For longtime listeners and newbies alike, you’ll notice that we’re trying out a new format where we record these conversations LIVE. So, you may hear me ask for your interaction. Even though this is a recording, you can still participate! Just head over to LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube and place your question in the comments or chat!

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