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It’s a real treat for me to have Ronda Beaman on the show today. Among many other things, she is the first recipient of the National Education Associations “Art of Teaching” Award.

A “teacher’s teacher,” Ronda is a best-selling author (several times over), renowned university professor, serial educational entrepreneur, coach, fitness trainer, and a 2020 Stanford Distinguished Career Fellow.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this conversation as much as I did, where Rhonda and I talk about:

🆘 Why you don’t have to be a coach, let alone a fitness trainer, to engage your learners during a session… But it would probably help you, the way it helped Ronda!

💍 Why physical activity, games and even music are resources you should seriously consider applying in your lessons; and why learner engagement could be matter of subverting expectations

💭 The challenges of teaching people at different ages, especially those that are considerably over and under yours; and Ronda’s thoughts on how to “reach the jaded,” be it teenagers or middle management folk nearing their retirement

🏫 Ultimately, we talk about the power of humanity in education, regardless of modality, age, topic or personality; and why being open on your end can encourage empathy and kindness on theirs.

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