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My guest for today is Ramanan Ramadoss, a serial EdTech entrepreneur based out of Singapore. In this episode, Ram and I talk about Tutoreels, his latest venture in what we maybe should start calling the “TutorTech” subspace.

In this very instructive conversation we talk about:

🖥 What it takes for an eLearning technology to support the tutoring experience effectively; and the growing number of interesting use cases beyond your typical student-tutor relationship. We’re talking K-12, universities, corporate learning and all kinds of specialized schools.

🗣 We also talk about why for Ram we’re living in the future of video based learning, with access to features and experience most of us hadn’t thought of just a couple years ago; but why we should still be careful when expecting live video to replicate the face-to-face classroom.

📹 We also ponder a fair question: Why should we consider another video platform, if there’s YouTube already? In short, Ram believes there’s a great opportunity in leveraring YouTube with a customfit video solution into the mix.

👤 Ram also tell us about his experience in Singapore, and why among the schools in this futuristic city, human connections remain a priority above any cutting-edge technological alternatives.

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