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After another successful round of funding last Summer, Go1 became Australia’s latest EdTech Unicorn, cementing its vision as the “Spotify for professional learning.” I spoke with Chris Eigeland, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Go1.

In this sky-rocketing conversation we talk about:

🌐 The entrepreneurial journey of Go1 and its founding team, who came from diverse backgrounds that included web design, economics and international development; and how they discovered a way to deliver incredible value for their customer base.

📈 We also talk about the “Last Mile” of corporate learning, which is usually the responsibility of trainers and designers; and why success as an EdTech company seems to be all about “knowing your place.”

📕 We also talk about what it takes to build a “Spotify”esqe library of high quality content that is relevant for  wildly diverse learner needs and stays current. In one word: The joys of partnerships.

🚼 Chris and I also discuss stresses and pain points in Corporate Learning, many of which are created because of rapidly changing priorities and challenges around demonstrating value. Chris underscores why “learning” your place in this value chain is a key ingredient for doubledigit growth year after year.

🏞 We also touch on issues including: Virtual Reality, humanitarian development, credentialing, national and organizational culture, the power of introverts, and why theme parks like Disneyland are incredible illustrations of immersive learning design.

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