Zoom Meeting Plugin for Moodle

Zoom, another webinar tool for web-based meetings and synchronous sessions, has a straightforward —and unofficial— plugin to integrate with Moodle-based LMS. Install it in your system to provide direct access to Zoom rooms from within course sections or really anywhere. Students will join right away, with their LMS profile names on display.

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The Zoom plugin requires an Education or Pro license, as it requires token activation to integrate.

Zoom, like Wiziq, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, BigBlueButton, and many others, gives users a standalone app or web-based interface to hold virtual meetings on demand or setup in advance against a schedule.

The integration is brought to you by Rex Lorenzo at UCLA’s CCLE, along with Steve Bader and Jonathan Champ who is currently lead maintainer. Read more about the integration here.

Download the Zoom plugin for Moodle-based systems here.

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