Moodle And Brickfield Education Labs Announce Partnership


This association was made with the objective that Moodle could increase its accessibility compliance.

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Moodle with more than 250 million students around the world using the platform, wanted to make a difference for the organization, reduce obstacles and increase opportunities with the improvement of accessibility for Moodle content. Before the pandemic, Moodle was a platform known and used worldwide by millions of students, teachers and educational institutions and despite the fact that many users commented that the Moodle tool was very complete, today we can witness the complement for the proper development of the platform.

With many years of experience, Brickfield Education Labs provides its users with educational solutions and highlights the benefit of accessibility and a different experience for the user.

It also offers its clients accessibility in Moodle courses where the platform also monitors its users with an improved editor and accessibility of file formats, which for users and also for the organization allows the recognition of common errors and problems that occur when using Brickfield within Moodle courses.

Gavin Henrick, CEO and co-founder of Brickfield mentioned that he was proud to make this association with Moodle given the conditions of update and evolution of virtual education, he also mentioned that in this era it is important that students who meet the globe start to acquire affordable educational resources that guarantee an enjoyable educational process.

Gavin Henrick presents “” at our Elearning Success Summit 2.021:

With the purpose that companies that want to improve on accessibility issues and given the association with Moodle, Brickfield will hold a free online conference which will consist of practical accessibility workshops.
Registration will open in April and the conference will begin the last days of June.

With this association, it is expected not only the growth of the two organizations involved in terms of clients, but also that an increase in the intellects of the students will be seen by providing them with guaranteed educational tools on accessibility issues.

The clients that want more information about this partnership, can also visit Moodle and Brickfield Education Labs.

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