Meta-Analysis Review: 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Meta-Analysis Review 4 Actually Replicated Insights In Elearning, Ready For Your Practice

Science learning based on local wisdom, to raise awareness of environmental issues. VR technology at the service of feedback. Bet on learner personality over the outdated idea of a “learning style”; and be even more bullish on gamification. But don’t say goodbye to paper just yet.

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These is some of the latest insight on learning science in 2021. Like any other social science, education hardly offers any objective truths. I can only assume the likes of Thorndike and Seligman had a sarcastic sense of humor when calling their theories as “laws.” Serendipity in the lab can be surprisingly common, yet utterly unreliable. The progress of science in education and learning only comes from tedious, repetitive, methodologically sound replication studies.

The following 5 meta-analyses are not original research, but a peer-reviewed account of lots of peer-reviewed research.

Isn’t life better when it’s peer reviewed?

Do you need access to the original research? Contact us or reach out to the researchers directly

Meta-Analysis: Science Learning Based on Local Wisdom Against Preserving School Environments During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tomi Apra Santosa and others. (2021) Unnes Journal of Biology Education, Vol. 10, No. 2, 244-251

Education no longer runs effectively. Has it ever? In terms of the global quality experienced by the average learner, the current state of the practice is economically and logistically cumbersome, not to mention environmentally impactful. But it’s precisely the respect and understanding of the learner locality that is the key to an innovative education that develops more aware citizens. Fashionably so, this meta-analysis focused specifically on environmental awareness.

The Take: Local wisdom framed within a science subject can be a powerful way to raise awareness and, well, wisdom.

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