LMSPulse Joins Open LMS and E-Learn Magazine

The past 11 years have been quite a ride: What started as a simple passion project created by Joseph Thibault in 2009 to learn, share and discuss this new thing called “Moodle” has become something none of us expected.

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When I took over as Director of MoodleNews in 2015, Moodle 3.0 was on the cusp of being released and the tumult in the LMS market was just getting started.

Fervently passionate about the value of open source, but also dedicated to making the case for elearning more broadly, we recognized we needed to evolve. So we became LMSPulse in 2019.

Adding The Elearning Success Summit to our offering in 2020, with the second edition of the Summit this spring, has placed us in an amazing position to connect, communicate and co-create with the rapidly growing elearning community.

But it still feels like we’re still just getting started.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to be announcing today that LMSPulse is joining the LTG universe as a part of Open LMS and, specifically, as a companion to E-Learn Magazine.

The Backstory

If I’m honest, LMSPulse wasn’t out there looking for this type of evolution. With the unexpected focus on eLearning brought on by COVID-19 and the energy of our community around the Summit and The eLearning Podcast, we’ve been very excited about what the future holds.

But, a few months back, I started what I thought was a fairly typical (for me) conversation with Phill Miller that centered around the question: “How do you build the most vibrant eLearning community on the planet?

Over a few weeks, this seemingly innocent question became the genesis for a fairly robust vision around how to lift up, support, and energize the community. Because we had co-created this vision, the conversation to join forces and pursue making it a reality was a logical next step.

Going even further, because Open LMS had already invested in the E-Learn Magazine initiative, combining these teams to make something even greater was a no brainer.

What will happen to LMSPulse, the eLearning Success Summit, and the eLearning Podcast?

Here’s the best news: Whether you’re someone who’s been paying attention to LMSPulse for 11 years or this is the first post you’re reading, you won’t be seeing any radical changes in the near future. It turns out that the Open LMS team really does value lifting up the entire eLearning community and we will be working hard to make that a reality.

This is what you can expect, specifically:


The Open LMS team has been super clear they want us to stay focused on reporting about news, information, and resources for the ENTIRE eLearning universe. Said another way, we’re not going to become a constant advertisement for Open LMS. What you will see soon, however, is a significant facelift to the LMSPulse website, some shuffling of how we organize our content and co-created content with E-Learn Magazine. Other than that, expect more about everything that’s happening in eLearning.

The eLearning Success Summit

The eLearning Success Summit will continue to get bigger and better. While the 2021 Summit continues to be a huge success (PS – you can still join us for free and listen to all 70+ hours of expert sessions), we are already cooking up what the 2022 Summit will look like. Think more tracks (e.g. Instructional Design, Delivering Teaching / Training, EdTech Innovation), separate events, and deeper connections with colleagues. There’s also talk of a (gasp!) in-person event in the future. Stay tuned!

The eLearning Podcast

I’ve been producing podcasts for more than a decade. No, seriously. Funny thing is, I’ve only gotten more excited about this format and what it has to offer. This means I’ll be doubling down The eLearning Podcast on finding the best guests, the most compelling stories and revisiting the format of the show to bring you an experience that is fun, educational and amazing to listen to.

The Future

Like most humans, I’m unable to see all that far into the future. I have high confidence that we’ll continue to see all things eLearning grow at a break-neck pace, we will be awed by innovations that seem more like magic than the science they’re built on and that learning will be more accessible to everyone. I also know that LMSPulse is joining a wonderful team that is dedicated to the success of everyone in eLearning.

I look forward to you joining me on the ride!

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