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My guest for today is Jeff Fissel. Jeff has been an innovator in the video-for-learning space for decades and was one of the original co-founders of the award winning instilled LXP.

Today, Jeff helps with product strategy at several places within the Learning Technologies Group of companies, including Gomo Learning and People Fluent.

In this eye-opening conversation we talk about:

🔋 Why Jeff is so passionate about video and the energy that surrounds the creative process.

📼 And why he thinks video is a particularly effective medium. Other formats can be powerful and compelling, but video offers clear and practical advantages.

🎭 The importance of metricsespecially “social metrics” – when judging the performance of a video, and why your videos might be performing better than you think.

🗣 We also talk about the relationship between video, corporate culture, and a company’s ability to encourage creators and leverage usergenerated content to bolster their own values.

☝ Finally, why Jeff believes eLearning must evolve beyond platforms to meet learners at the point of need. And, whether or not this means the end of the LMS as we know it.


LMSPulse Media: https://linktr.ee/lmspulse

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